Frequently asked questions

What is T+ Operating System?

T+ is a software company that develop an end-to-end Tenancy Operating System for businesses to better manage their tenants with technology with white-label solution.

What are the key features of T+ OS?

There are 5 key features that our users love. 1)White-Label Solution: Boosts the visibility of your brand, strengthens the loyalty of your clients. 2) Multi-users login: Tenant, Landlord and Management company sharing same piece of information 3) Strong connection: Tenant Profiling, FPX automated rental collection, E-tenancy and digital signing and stamping. 4) Business Analytics: Seeing business portfolio at one glance 5) Security: Data Storage in AWS cloud

What are the fees involved for subscribing?

We'd love to have you onboard as our users and be your technology partner. By subscribing, there will be a one time OEM system set up fee, and system monthly maintenance fee.

How long will it takes for system go Live?

Well, time is money. Our system will only takes 2 weeks for the system to go Live with you furnished all necessary details - company logo, domain name and password.

Do you provide customization based on my business model?

Yes, we do. However it will be customization on top of the OEM system we have which inclusive of Tenant Profiling, FPX automated rental collection, Electronic Tenancy with Digital Signing and Electronic Stamping. For all customization, it comes with time and cost. Be sure of your process flow, intention of that customization. Customization fee can only be determine once we're clear of what you'd like to create, will be charged based on time and complexity of the development.

I want to know more!

Glad! Please do drop us a whatsapp at and tell us you wish to know about T+ system and send us your namecard. Check out our Facebook

Do you provide system training once I have subscribed?

Oh yes we do! It takes one to learn to use the system to fully utilize its potential. We provide: 1) One to one system training once you've subscribed 2) System manual guide 3) System support from 9am-5pm working days.

I am interested to sign up! How should we proceed?

To proceed with T+, drop us a msg and send us your namecard. We'd love to know you! We'll have to sign a Service Level Agreement to protect both parties interest and a non-refundable deposit shall be collected. System OEM set up fee shall be made before system go live.