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Benefits of Tenancy Management Software

Tenancy management system is simply a system that allows you to systematically maintain your property and rental collection. These sorts of systems are usually tech-related and can be made in various forms to suit your needs and that of your property. The aim is to remove the stress associated with property management and make it easy so that maximum productivity is achieved.

As a building manager, you look for a way to control all of your properties without having to go through the extra mile or traditional way of managing it. Thinking of getting a tenancy management system soon, but unsure of the benefits attached? Here are some of the benefits that can give you a visualization of how T+ Management Software can benefit your company.

1. Ease

One of the benefits that you are sure to get from using a tenancy management system is Ease. Ease in management of properties, buildings, tenants’ caretaking, and even space management and accounting can all be gotten with T+ Management Software. You do not have to stress yourself nor do you have to be present at all times before your property business can be managed. Whether you are already experienced with managing properties the usual way, T+ Management Software will even make it all easier.

2. Access

You have access to it from virtually anywhere and everywhere. You have access to information about the property, vacancies, and payment among other information. At any time of the day, you can check up on each property without so much as leaving a spot. Accessibility is enjoyed to the maximum.

3. Communication

Using T+ Management Software helps to also bridge the distance of communication. You can always reach your tenants, property agent or get some other types of service provider. T+ Management Software helps to reduce all the stress that comes with communication. You also will be a super admin where you get full access of the management software, while each of the other users gets their personalized logins too!

4. Backup and Recovery

Say goodbye to physical paperwork, T+ Management Software helps you to keep details, records, and information forever in AWS cloud storage In the event of an accident (e.g. fire outbreak or flooding), you have little/ or no chance of losing any of the vital information that you have to gather and kept over the years. You can simply switch devices and restore information that has been backed up previously. For as long as you want, your information is safe and protected.

5. Reduced/ No Paperwork

As mentioned earlier, we specialize in fintech to manage properties. This way, there is little or no need for paperwork. We are using E-signing where you can have an e-signature to a virtual agreement. You get to keep a larger amount of work without worrying if we misplaced the important documents.

6. Digital Payment Solution

Rent collections can even be made via T+! Your tenant only needs to log into their tenant’s user login to make a payment, or to sign up for a recurring payment via FPX. This helps property managers to digitize their collections and streamline the operational process relating to rent collection.

7. Security

With paperwork, practically everyone and anyone can have access to sensitive information and details. However, when you use T+ Management Software, you get to keep things safe. Your tenants and agents you may deal with can be rest assured that they are safe with you. The audit trail is there, and only the relevant parties have access to sensitive details concerning your property management. Securing access can be done easily.

8. Reduced cost

Additionally, when you make use of T+ Management Software, you get to save more and avoid unnecessary costs. You can cut costs on additional human resources, and even save more when you have total proper tracking of finances and increase collectibles with the digital payment solutions embedded. Yes, you have to subscribe to the software, at an affordable price. Find out more

9. Friendly User interface

T+ Management Software made with a friendly user interface such that you can easily navigate your way around it and also do things with little or no expertise. Therefore you can make a list of the things you want.

Set a date for T+ Demo

From all the features that have been mentioned in this topic, do reach out to this link for a demo. T+ Team will be ready to guide you on what the software can do. Till then. See you in another post.

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