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  • Cassandra Wong

First step to Modernizing Real Estate Business

A new survey the pandemic of COVID-19 have speeded the digital technologies by several years - and many of these changes are here for long haul.

As many countries are currently in various stages of recovery, now is the time to reset, pivot, and think big to transform your real estate business operations to match the new digital expectations from your clients.

Adoption of Electronic Signatures

Gaining confidence from your clients is to evolved as time goes. Long gone the days to meet up for a signature when tenancy can be read anywhere, anytime, on any device especially when the two parties are separated by distance.

When a tenancy is generated, both tenant and landlord shall receive a link to read their contracts. Each steps were carefully recorded as what we called it as digital trail, where time and date was recorded when the party have open, read and agreed with the tenancy.

A TAC code will be sent for the respective party to do their due diligence by signing the tenancy agreement. This is quick, confidential and secured. This process is to cut down the turnover time by 90% as all this will be done online, instant.

Now, you can focus on productivity that maximize your sales. Wonder how to subscribe to a system that provides allow you to modernizing you real estate business with e-signing?

You may head to to book a slot for demonstration.

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