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How Apple Change The Communications Landscape

Apple is the biggest player in the market for mobile devices. When Apple announced the iPhone in 2007, it rocked the world. Today we can still feel the influence of the game-changing device to the next level.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since the original iPhone hit store shelves. In that time, smartphones have gone from luxury devices to essentials for everyday life. Here’s a look back at the biggest ways the iPhone changed the world forever.

  1. First Modern Smart Phone

When the very first iPhone debuted, it took the world by storm. But contrary to popular belief, the iPhone wasn’t the world’s first smartphone. Whether it was Blackberry, Palm, or Sony Ericsson, other manufacturers had already been producing PDAs and smart devices for years.

While the iPhone wasn’t the world’s first smart device, it was definitely the first modern smartphone. At the time of its release, other manufacturers were still releasing flip phones and devices with slide-out keyboards. But the iPhone’s design was a complete 180. As a true tribute to minimalism, the original iPhone had a flat design that only featured a single button on the front.

2. New Shape of Social Media

Although the iPhone isn’t the only way to access social media, it’s still the most popular. Many people’s first exposure to social media was from an iPhone, and more than a few social media platforms started life as apps created for the iPhone. For example, IG was the 1st introduced iPhone user only, hence the market pick-up during that era was a bomb. So whether you’re a social media addict or have sworn off it completely, there’s no question that modern social media wouldn’t exist without the iPhone.

3. We Are All Photographers

When the original iPhone launched, it shipped with a 2MP rear camera. That’s it. No telephoto lens, macro lens, or wide angle to be found. The original iPhone didn’t even have a selfie camera. It couldn’t even record video. Putting a camera into everyone’s pocket did more than entertain us, it also shaped world events. From having live coverage of major events to being able to record interactions with law enforcement, since the iPhone’s release there have never been more photos and videos circulating the world.

The World Will Never Be the Same

Smartphones have not been without their fair share of criticism, but no one can deny the impact of the phone that started it all. The iPhone made us more connected than ever and fueled a wave of innovation that put a smartphone into everyone’s pocket.

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