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Introduction to Leasing Property Management Software Malaysia

Updated: Jan 26

As someone who either owns a property management company or even if you own multiple pieces of properties, taking care of all properties can become tedious. Especially in the day and age of the internet where a lot of things are done online if you don’t keep track, you might not be able to remember everything that has been done. You might then run the risk of having payments not tracked, information that is missing or even wrongly keyed in contact numbers.

This is where a property or a leasing management software comes in as a superb solution. A property management software malaysia is there to help you manage and automate tasks that will usually take you hours. These tasks like keeping digital records, maintaining payments and things like fixes and etc for the home can be down digitally. What’s even better is that with things put online, this would mean that you won’t have to worry about being on top of things because the software is already doing it for you.

property management software malaysia is a solution to help you

So what are some of the things a property management software malaysia can do for you? Well, we are breaking down some of the best features we love about our property management software malaysia and we hope you fall in love with it too!


The biggest selling point of a property management software malaysia is, of course, the fact that it is your automation tool. Start automatic payments, weekly reports, personal information and even things like receipts in the system.

Watch your productivity soar and the time taken to get menial tasks done to become so much shorter.

When you focus on automation, all the basic tasks now can be repeated by this software and you can use that time to move forward and strategise for the company. This way you get more freedom to do more than just the basic stuff. You can now go out and scale your business without worrying about the extra paperwork.

Rental Being On Time

With a system that is automated, you are able to set up direct debit payments for all your tenants and this means that you would not have to worry about getting rent on time. Imagine not having to always text your tenants to pay, or to wait on them to pay on time.

property management software malaysia can help you rental being on time

All the payments come in via our property management system and you can give out invoices and receipts so easily. Turn your rental collections into a recurring deal every single month and stop worrying about it.

Save Money!

Who doesn’t want to save money right? Hiring your own IT department to perhaps work on making things automated for you will be expensive. You might be able to have something a bit more personalised but the cost of it might not be worth it. Having the T+ system that actually helps you do all the work you need to do on a cheaper note.

Save all the money you might spend on a dedicated IT department and spend that on hiring more people to help with marketing or even pay for more ads. Work on building your brand while we build and run your IT system.

The T+ Property Management System is here to allow you to be more independent to work on your business while not having to worry about the logistics that a property management system can help you with!

If you want to learn more about T+’s Property Management system, check out at our site now!

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