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Tenancy Agreement in Malaysia

Are tenancy agreement important? The answer is yes. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document which gives the tenant the right to live in the rental property, and the landlord the right to receive rent during the tenancy period.

When you enter into a tenancy with someone, you essentially form a legal relationship with that other person for the duration of the tenancy.

The importance of Tenancy Agreement

As landlord, by offering a professional tenancy agreement shows you care and that you are setting a boundary from the off - can the tenants keep pets or renovate your property or even sublet the property?

It is about setting expectation between both party and ease the chances of dispute in the future. Hence, it is also why the agreement should be up to date and to be stamped to be valid as a legal binding agreement.

With the technology advancement, it can now have your tenancy agreement be e-stamped by LHDN. Some property agency does connected to e-stamping services. Or you may check out our T+ system for such services.


What Should A Tenancy Agreement Include?

  • Details of the property, address etc.

  • The monthly rental.

  • Security and utility deposits to be paid.

  • Terms of the tenancy.

  • Details of both landlord and tenant.

  • Obligations of the tenant.

  • Obligations of the landlord.

  • Mutual obligations.

  • Renewal clauses.

  • How the rent is reviewed, either periodically or upon the tenancy being renewed.

With the latest zero deposit solution offered in the market. As landlord, you shall honored the agreement and stated in the tenancy agreement that there is no deposit collected however it will be replaced by an insurance.

If there is terms and conditions for the property be rented out without deposit (i.e.: monthly rental shall be direct debited), it shall be stated in the agreement to protect landlord's interest as tenant will be liable on the damages happen during tenancy period.

For any property management company who wish to subscribe to T+ with e-stamping services or zero deposit to offer to your landlords, DM us or send us an email here.

All in all, happy building a passive income landlords!

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