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Traditional VS Modern Technology in Property Management

Property management is going through a revolution right now, and tech providers have stepped up to the plate to disrupt the industry. There are plenty of incentives as to why. Among them, rental market share continues to grow steadily, making real estate investing an appealing alternative to stock market volatility.

People looking for assistance in managing and maintaining their portfolios are now faced with choosing between traditional and tech-enabled property management companies.

Tech-Enabled Property Management

Tech-enabled property management focuses on creating an interconnected ecosystem or platform from which they run their business, allowing both property owners and renters to have a seamless experience by leveraging modern digital tools. Tech-enabled property management uses unifying solutions to streamline the whole business process into a seamless and agile:

• Manage accounting, owner disbursements, and collection of rent

• Schedule showings, either in person or through a self-showing option

• Process applications efficiently

• Accept and track the status of work orders

• Manage relationships and more

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